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Standards Guide

Tennis is great fun and is accessible to all ages and skill levels. But there are other benefits to picking up a racket and playing.

As well as serving up plenty of smiles, tennis is good for your physical and mental health. It can help lower body fat while improving muscle toning, strength and flexibility. It can even help you to live longer.

In terms of mental health, exercise is hugely important in maintaining a good state of mind. Playing a game of tennis will release those happy endorphins to help you feel great!

It is also a fantastic way to spend some time with family and friends and will allow you to meet new people.

We offer a complete coaching experience for adult tennis players and even offer two weeks free so that you can try a couple of group coaching sessions first. We offer group sessions at each level of play, including a range of courses, clinics and drop-in sessions.

Standards Guide

To enjoy tennis, players want to play with people of a similar standard.  We understand this and therefore have adopted a standards guide to help determine which coaching sessions are right for you:

Standard Description
Beginner Players with little, or no, tennis experience. Any beginner tennis course/session will primarily focus on technique and will help you to develop an understanding of the game and the four main strokes (serve, forehand, backhand and volley). Beginner courses/sessions provide support to help players develop their own style and learn about effective body movement for tennis. They may be taken over a number of months or even up to a year to establish a springboard to intermediate level.
Intermediate Players with a sound tennis background and for the ‘Rusty Rackets’ who have played tennis in the past and who want to get back up to speed. These players can play, sustain a rally, and score. Intermediate courses/sessions will allow players to explore effective techniques and aim to develop confidence in playing points.
Advanced Advanced is for those more competent players with match-play experience. Advance courses/sessions aim to develop the player’s tactical awareness, physical fitness and mental focus, using high impact training drills and match play.